About Us

by mymarcom

We are CEBECI / MYMARCOM, a recognized on the European market printing factory. We work for some of the biggest companies and businesses in France, Nederland, Germany, U.K, Qatar, Morroco, Kenya, Russia and recently Canada and US.

Whatever the size of your business and whether you’re a publisher, a marketing & communication agency, a broker of printing services, weather you’re part of the fashion, hotel and tourism sectors or simply a private person, we offer you a full range of services from design to printing and shipment of the product to the customer’s address.

To meet all your needs and quality expectations, our team of graphic designers, technologists, and salesmen, puts all its know-how and high level of technical expertise, at your service.

We print on any type of material: Paper, plastic, CD, fabrics, PVC and we offer you a wide choice of products:

– Books (hard and soft cover): pop-up books, comics, picture books, art books, tour guides, novels…

– Promotional tools: POS advertising, Posters, Brochures, Catalogues, leaflets, event tickets, stickers, flyers

In short CEBECI / MYMARCOM : Is an expert in custom printing. Offers absolute print quality at the best prices around the world. Offers a wide choice of products.